Professional Repair Service for your PlayStation 3

Repair Services for your PlayStation 3

Our team knows precisely what your PlayStation 3 needs because since 2010 it's been the only device we repair here. Our truly specialist PS3 repair services include free round-trip shipping labels -- so there's no need for you to settle for a "local" inexperienced repair, plus all your important game-save data remains safe with us unlike sending the PlayStation 3 back to the manufacturer. To begin your repair simply select the symptom your PS3 is experiencing from the list at the top-left of this page.

Fix or Replace?  Are you trying to decide if it's worth buying a new PS3 instead of fixing your old one? If for any reason your PS3 cannot be repaired we'll give you the option of applying your full repair fee towards the cost of a brand new factory-sealed PS3 from us. We've got you covered both ways!